You can totally get your iPhone repaired.

I can’t tell you how many times a day my breath gets caught in my throat because I almost drop my phone. I am one of those people who definitely held out on getting a smart phone for a long time because I didn’t want to give in to the craze. Sure people made fun of me here and there about how my phone must be made of stone, you know something hilarious iPhone repairand clever like that. Finally I got a new smart phone only because my contract forced me into it. It was the only affordable option. So I went ahead with the deal because it was the right thing to do financially.

I was hooked.

Like I didn’t fall asleep at night because I was playing on my phone hooked.

And if I am being totally honest, I knew this was going to happen and that was a huge reason why I held out.

Now my room mate, who is not clumsy, has herself some super cute cases for her phone. I am always so jealous because she has an iPhone 5s and I have the 5c which means her phone fits a ton more cases than mine does. Mine is green though, so that’s awesome. Even so, I bought myself one of the few cute cases instead of an Otterbox because I was sure I wouldn’t have any issues with my phone breaking.

Then the dreams started. Dreams where my phone was sinking to the bottom of a lake. Dreams where my phone shattered into a million pieces and I couldn’t get all the pieces and glue them together. Dreams where dragons would come and swallow my phone whole.

That is when I decided I should probably do something about it but had to wait until I had the money to get a big case like an Otterbox. Then a friend of mine told me that there are companies out there that offer cell phone repair services. They can fix broken home buttons, replace batteries and can also provide iPhone and iPad screen repairs. It was such a novel idea to me. I felt silly that I didn’t think there were companies out there that provided services of this nature but it makes sense. I assumed they would be incredibly expensive since it’s such a needed service. My friend assured me that the services they provide are actually quite affordable! But, I asked with speculation, how long will they have my phone? My friend surveyed me with shrewd and amused eyes and told me it could take less than two hours.

Well I was sold. I mean, I am still going to get an Otterbox but I can rest so much easier knowing that I can get my iPhone repaired if need be. It seems so silly to me that I didn’t consider this an option at all when it comes to my phone. I am really excited I have a phone and now know that if something goes horribly wrong and I drop it that I have options.

You should Always Look Into Cell Phone Repair, Before Purchasing a Brand New Device, at Full Price.

cell phone repairWhen it comes to technology, people seem to want the latest and greatest.  The problem is, what is the latest and greatest changes constantly, and, oftentimes, the newest devices are not necessarily the highest quality devices.  In fact, many who are in the know will recommend that you wait awhile for reviews and other information to become available, before you decide to purchase a very new and very expensive electronic device.  Not only that, even new devices can break, and you should not automatically buy another one, when you encounter minor damage.  After all, there are some companies, like ZAGG Phone Repair in Washington D.C, who actually offer fair prices for repairs.  That is why you should always look into cell phone repair, before purchasing a brand new device, at full price.

Cell phone, tablet, and iPad repair has become a major industry, in recent years, simply because new devices are so expensive.  Plus, no device is immune from damage, and anything that you use on a daily basis is bound to break, eventually.  You should not become too sad or frustrated, if your phone or other device does break, though, as repairs are not always such a hassle.  As a matter of fact, a lot of the more common repairs can be taken care of the very day you bring it in.  You may only need to be phone-less for an hour or two, at most.  One of the very common, yet very troubling, types of damage that is exceptionally common is screen damage.  Because they are made of glass, it is very easy to break your screen, especially if you are prone to dropping your phone, like so many others.  Screen replacement can be expensive, if you take your device to the wrong people, though.  Not only that, they may make you wait a week to get your phone back, even though the repairs themselves often take less than an hour.  With ZAGG’s tablet and iPad screen repair services, at least, you can be sure that you are getting the best price possible, as well as getting your phone back in a timely fashion.

It is better for you, financially, to get your device repaired, and it is even better for the environment to do so.  This is because replacing one damaged part, in a device, consumes far fewer nonrenewable resources than building an entire phone.  Especially since the screen is only a panel of glass, so it would almost be absurd to buy a new device over damage to such a cheap and readily available material.  Even if the LCD portion of your screen is damaged or malfunctioning, it is still a lot cheaper and easier to invest in repairs, than to buy a brand new device.  The LCD screens are slightly tricker to replace than the glass screen, itself, but they are still fairly simple and inexpensive.  Plus, LCD screen replacement is another tablet and iPad repair service that ZAGG can complete the same day you bring your device to them.


Phone Repair Can Mean More Than Just a Fixed Device, It Can Mean Memories Restored

We tend to keep all of our memories on our phones these days.  Now that smart phones are cameras, calculators, word pads, video recorders, and computers all in one, they pretty much hold all of our lives.  My sister was always fond of taking millions of pictures on her phone, especially of her beloved dog Izzy.  She had this dog since she was a puppy and had catalogued every moment of her growth and life.  Last I checked, my sister had over 300 photos of her dog, or her “fur baby,” on her smart phone.

Sadly, last year my sister lost her loving little dog to old age.  She lived a wonderfully happy life, as well-documented by my sister’s phone, and we all missed her once she was gone. At least we had hundreds of pictures to remember her by, right?

phone repairA few days ago my sister accidentally dropped her phone into the river while we were on a rafting trip.  We took some more great photos on our trip ripping down the river. Pristine mountains, laughing friends and family, and we even saw a moose.  Then after a few hours of fun in the sun my sister tried to take one last selfie as the sun was going down behind the mountains as we floated to shore.  Just then we hit an unseen rock that jolted our raft and flung my sister’s phone to its shallow grave.  All the photos from our weekend adventure were lost, and along with them were all of my sister’s shots from a lifetime with her furry best friend.  Everything was lost, or so we thought.

We must have taken my sister’s phone to four different repair shops who told us things like “it isn’t recoverable data” or “I’m not sure there is anything we can do about that at this point.”  Finally we found Zagg Phone Repair.  From the moment we stepped into their store and had the pleasure of meeting their friendly staff, we knew we were in the right place.  They never once gave us the impression that our problem was too difficult or beyond their capabilities.  After giving the staff a detailed account of what exactly happened, they immediately got to work to solve the problem rather than give excuses as to why it could not be fixed.  We gave them the phone and let them do their thing.  The next day the technological whiz team at the shop had worked their magic and recovered all of the photos that we had lost forever.

To some people this may not seem like the most important thing in the world.  A few lost pictures of a family rafting trip and some shots of a lost pet.  To my sister, it meant the world.  I always think of Zagg Phone Repair and how they brought so much happiness back to my sister every time I step into her house.  She now has a giant framed shot of her long lost friend hanging right in the doorway of her house.  People always comment about the photo and inevitably it leads to the story of the raft and her preciously recovered photos.

iPad Repair that is Quick and Efficient

Investing in an iPad doesn’t come cheap.  They are remarkable devices, and they do so much to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.  It’s hard to image how we passed the time while commuting to work or waiting between flights.  But now that we have them, we realize how useful and how fragile they can be.  Especially when we are traveling, it can be difficult to deal with a broken device.  What happens when you live in California but are seeing the sights in Washington D.C. when you iPad breaks?  You don’t have to wait until you get home to address the problem.  It would be a pretty boring flight without the movies you planned on watching on your iPad to keep you occupied.

iPad repairThankfully there are companies like Zagg Phone Repair that can diagnose and repair your iPad, iPhone, or iPod quickly so that you can get on with your travels.  And though they specialize in Apple products, they can fix any kind of smart phone or smart pad.  Zagg has several locations in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, but that doesn’t mean you have limited access to their services if you’re not close by.  No matter where you are in the country, you have the ability to mail your device to Zagg for problem diagnosis and repair.  As soon as they receive your device they will run a few assessments and give you a call to discuss their findings.  Their services cover just about any damage that can be done to a device.  They specialize in battery replacements, liquid damage repair, or touch screen, speaker, dock/charging connection, and earphone connection repairs or replacements.  There are not many problems left with such devices that they have not encountered yet.  Many of their customers agree that going through larger retailers or service providers can cost a lot more and take much longer for completion of assessment and repair.

So when you’re traveling and you need to get your smart device repaired quickly, you can seek out service providers that can do just that to get you on your way again.  Don’t suffer through the rest of your trip because you think you can only get your device repaired at home.  You don’t need a warranty and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get your device back to normal.  If you’re mailing your device to Zagg for a repair assessment,  you can find their mail-in forms on the website.  They only ask for your name, address, phone number, and your device serial number, color, and damage sustained.  Simply mail that in with your iPad, or whatever it is that you need fixed, and the technicians will know what to do.  Soon afterward you will get a call to hear about the extent of damage to your device and what they recommend for repairs.  Once you agree upon what specific services you want to be done, you’ll get a follow-up email to confirm your phone conversation.  Once everything is done, you will get your precious iPad sent back to you in the mail on the same day.  Simple as that!

Don’t Take Iphone Repair For Granted Like Everything Else In Your Life

I tell you what, once we learn to depend on things in this life, it’s hard to imagine life without those things and it’s even harder to live without them. There’s approximately 78 examples of this, but I’m only going to get into a few so don’t worry about having to read and memorize a laundry list because I’m going to keep it fairly simple. The examples I am going to bring up are very important though, so I’d get out a paper and pen so you can jot down a couple notes because I’m going to take you to school. Do you ever use a microwave? You know, that thing that you put your packaged burritos into and press buttons on in order to get the thing to heat up so you can enjoy it without have to break your teeth on it? Yeah, let’s start with that. Is it safe to say that you’ve learned to depend on it to a certain degree? You may have thought that the electric or gas oven was a real doozy of an invention before you saw this thing but in all the time since you’ve been using, do you think that you’ve learned to take it for granted? Don’t answer that, it’s a rhetorical question and if by any chance you don’t know what that means, I’m telling you to think about it and keep your thoughts to yourself. The question was meant to make you think, not blurt out an answer without thinking which people have grown way too comfortable and familiar with doing since their teachers told them years ago that there was no such thing as dumb questions.

So, food is clearly important because we need it in order to survive, but we also need other things that we aren’t able to consume in a physical sense to survive as well. We need knowledge, we need communication and we need ways to fix things that break. More specifically, phone repairswe need phone repairs when the screens on them break or crack. Have you ever heard of a place called Zagg phone repair? Well, before you learn to take your cell phone for granted like everything else in your life, I’d recommend you think about what your iPhone or android means to you, and then try to be proactive about knowing what you’re going to do if you need an android or iPhone screen repair. If you’ve never had to deal with this kind of thing, then you’re lucky, extremely cautious or have never had a drink in your entire life, because everyone I know who has ever owned a cell phone has needed a repair at some point. Have you learned to take your laptop for granted yet? Well, if you have it’s because you’ve moved onto a tablet of some kind but if that’s the case, then you’d be in the same boat as person with a cracked cell phone screen if you ever broke your tablet. Good thing ipad repair is available at Zagg iPhone repair, so whether you’re grateful for what you have or not, there’s always help around the corner at Zagg.

Tips on Saving your Battery to Reduce Risks of iPhone Repair

Getting a smartphone would also mean draining up and charging your devices more than twice a day especially if you have a data coverage plan on it. This may result to shorten the lifespan of your devices. iPhone repair and iPad repair are not cheap specifically on iOS devices. Apple is strict with their masterpieces. These are not your ordinary devices that you can have it check anywhere or a simple phone repair or maintenance checks will do. Though Apple offers two years warranty from the date of purchased and they also have team of experts to help you in trouble shooting your devices. But here are some tips to save your phone and other devices from running out of power.

Turn off Data Coverage and have phone on Standby to Check

Check your phone on how long the battery will last if you are not using your data coverage. Most often than not, phones or devices with data coverage looses power really quick. The apps on the devices keep on transmitting feeds on your timeline which uses up the battery life. Swipe up all the apps running on your devices, these might still be catching up feeds. After which try to turn off your data coverage so you will know the difference on how long a normal battery span will last without using any internet connection. Gauge the results after so you can properly estimate how long to use your data coverage in a day to lessen the number of times you charge your iPhone or iPad reducing the risks of iPhone repair.

phone repair

Saving iphone

Turn Off Phone While Charging

It is hard to keep away from using phones or tablets while charging. But to give maximum battery span, spare on using devices while you are charging it up. This will also protect the wire of the charger since you will not keep on pulling it while using your devices while charging.

Restore your iPhone from new devices and not from Backup

This may sound absurd thus by doing so you will lose all data you have saved from the game levels that you are on and music and photos on your backup file. You will definitely start setting up everything from scratch. It is a wipe out all or nothing solution but will give your battery a better life span.

Put down Your Phone when not using or better yet Turn it Off

The best way to save up your battery is not to use your phone all the time or turning it off when not in use. This allows you to engage yourself on other activities aside from always looking down and swiping here and there. This will help you to become more fruitful on doing task. Exchange the use of your phone for an hour to reading a book. An hour of not using it may save 20-30 percent approximately of its battery life span.

Being aware of the things you can do to prevent your devices to be broken is good but doing something out that awareness is better. It will lead to better results that will keep you from spending to buy a new phone or tablet because you fail to take care of your belongings.

Ways to Avoid iPhone Repair

Caring for your Apple smart phones is one way of avoiding iPhone repair. The same is true for their other devices. As long as you take good care of them, there may be no need to have an iPad repair. One issue that keeps cropping up on these types of devices are battery-related. Thus, it is important to know how to extend the life of your iPhone or iPad’s battery. There are two terms that you need to differentiate first when talking about batteries. “Battery life” refers to the time your iPhone will run before it must be recharged while “Battery lifespan” is the amount of time your battery will last until it must be replaced.

One way to extend both the life and lifespan of your iPhone’s battery is to keep track of Thermal Considerations. This seems like a technical term. What this simply means is that your keep your phone out of the sun or inside a hot car. The reason being that intense heat can degrade the performance of your battery. According to Apple’s website, you should keep your phone near room temperature as possible.

Updating your iOS is important as well. The reason why they keep updating the software is that it fixes bugs and makes your phone more efficient thus minimizing the need to have an iPhone repair. Aside from updating your iOS, be wary of downloading other software. If this becomes the reason for the problem, it will not be covered by the warranty when you turn in your unit for phone repair.

Optimizing your Settings is another way of increasing the battery life of your iPhone avoiding the needed phone repair. If your phone has internet connectivity but you are in an area where Wi-Fi is available, it is best to enable your Wi-Fi. By enabling Wi-Fi, your phone will be consuming less power when it accesses data. If you’re the type who downloads a lot of Apps, it is best to turn off push notifications. Push notifications means your phone is continuously accessing data thus affecting your phone’s battery life.

Minimize or even forego the use of location services unless necessary. If this feature is turned on, it means that your phone is continuing to access data in order to update your location. If this is not turn off, this can lead to reduced battery life and may lead to a possible phone repair. Adjusting your phone’s brightness is another simple way to prolong your battery’s life. The brighter the settings the faster the battery is drained. This is especially true if you are using your phone during the day or a well-lit area. Clearly there is no need for you have it so bright that it can even hurt your eyes

These are just some of the many ways that you can prolong both the life and lifespan of your phone’s battery. Many people take this for granted and in the end are left with no choice but to have a phone repair.

Zagg Phone Repair’s reputation is stellar

When you have a broken phone, you want it to be repaired by the very best in the business. You care about your phone in a weird way, after all. It has heard your tears more than your own mother. It has stood the test of your frustration, and it has given you more good news that even the Starbucks guy who always seems to have your much needed cappuccino ready for your at a moment’s notice when you are running severely behind schedule. You want to take care of your dear friend and confidant, your phone, so it is important that you find an iPhone repair store that will help you achieve that goal.

http://www.zaggphonerepair.comZagg Phone Repair understands the frustration, the anxiety, and the necessity of getting your phone fixed by people who know how to do it and to do it well. They understand that you cannot simply leave your phone to fall apart, that you need it fixed and need it fast. That is why their repair services are trustworthy and efficient. Whether your companion and friend is an iPhone or an Android, the pain of breaking your smartphone is acute and must be solved quickly. That is why Zagg Phone repair and iPad repair is here and ready to help you get your phone back up and running. Zagg Phone Repair and iPad Repair is located in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area as well as in Maryland and Virginia, so you will be able to get your phone repaired, no matter how near or far from the city you live. In fact, Zagg even offers a mail away service, so no matter how far away you live, you will have your phones, iPads, tablets, and more back to you quickly in no time.

It used to be that iPhone screen repair meant excessive expense, hassle, and a side of inconvenience. Apple products only have a limited warranty, leaving you with only a year before the damage to your device is lasting. Extending your warranty is pricey and sometimes not cost effective, especially as they only come with one additional year of service. At Zagg Phone repairs, they can turn what used to be a devastating break into an easy fix that can be solved in thirty to sixty minutes. Instead of a warranty that leaves you with no choice but to purchase a new phone, use Zagg phone repair and get your device back on the grid before you even notice that it is gone.

Moreover, Zagg Phone repair makes it easy to simply repair your device rather than spending money replacing it. A broken iPhone screen does not spell doom for the iPhone itself. It is often easier to repair than many people imagine, and much more cost effective too when a new smartphone can cost hundreds of dollars! Avoid all of this expense and use Zagg Phone Repair to get an affordable repair that lets you phone last much longer than the manufacturer’s warranty imagined it would!

I needed my iPhone screen repaired STAT!

iphone repair

In the weeks leading up to my first day at the law firm I was so nervous I accidentally dropped my phone while eating lunch. Of course the phone fell face forward and the screen had a humongous crack across the top of it. I don’t know about you but I think when someone pulls out a smart phone that is cracked it just looks bad. Unless the person literally just cracked it that day it just gives the impression that the person isn’t proactive enough to fix it. I certainly didn’t want any of the partners at the firm to think this about me so I took it into the bag to have it fixed immediately. They are an iPhone screen repair company that can get the job done quickly and affordably. I heard of them from an old coworker who was very accident prone and used their service several times.

My experience using Zagg was everything I hoped it would be. It was no hassle, quick, easy and best of all a decent price. I will admit I was a little skeptical about handing over my phone because there is a lot of sensitive information on there and I was afraid they may screw it up and I would lose everything forever. It’s nice to know that all of their work and parts are covered for 90 days on your iPhone repair.

My law firm is in the Midwest so if I and up cracking my phone again I will have to find a new company to bring it to, or so I thought. As it turns out you can actually send your device back to a zag location and they will fix it for you and send it back! So even if I should break my phone and I’m unable to come back for a few months I could send my phone back for a repair and have it back in my hands in about a weeks time. New phones cost hundreds of dollars and I don’t have that kind of budget yet since I am moving and just starting a new job. It’s good to know that Zagg also does iPad repair because I have been thinking about getting a tablet.

I did a little bit of browsing on their website just to see what they were all about as a company. If you check them out you will see that trust, teamwork, communication care and quality are the pillars of what they believe in. I recommend anyone in need of cell phone screen repair to check them out, they are amazing. You can typically find their stores and shopping centers and in malls. I think you will find the customer service at zag to be far beyond what you expect. I’m like taking your phone into a large chain electronic store where you are treated like a number, the customer service of Zagg is personal and friendly. I will recommend them to anyone I know in need of cell phone screen repair.

How To Keep Your Information Safe During An iPhone Repair

ipad repairIf you’re scheduled for an iPhone repair and would like to keep photos, videos and security information away from prying eyes, you will need to first store the data – on another device or on the cloud before setting up the total erase settings.

In order to delete the information, you will need to head to the settings section of the phone and then select the reset key. There will usually be a prompt asking whether or not you’re certain about erasing all the information. For this task be sure to select yes. You will then be prompted to restart the device, or this is done automatically. Once it’s completed – which just takes a few minutes to complete. The length of time it takes to erase the information will depend on the model of the device and if there are any technical issues – which we’re assuming there are because the phone is in need of repairs.

Even though repairing your phone may seem like a trouble, because you had to take extra steps to actually protect your information, you can think of it as a way to free up the storage space, organize your pictures as well as get an almost new like device.

The top reasons you need to erase the information include:

Banking Information – if you’ve used apps to access your banking information, deposit checks, transfer money and pay bills, chances are that this information is stored unless the data has been erased and the device reset. To double check the security you can change all your passwords physically as well as sign up for ID theft protection services. These will typically notify users when someone else is using their information.

Scandals – how many stories have you read about individuals being exposed due to their devices being hacked? If you want to avoid this, exercise sensible tips by not sharing any photos with anyone – even your close friends or partner – because relationships do go sour, and the sharing may be one way to get vindication from the third party.

These same tips are very useful if you’re repairing your iPad too. Furthermore, if you’re not fixing your phone, but are trading it in or recycling it, this gives you even more reason to erase the information since the phone will be exchanging hands with someone else. As an extra measure of security, authorized trade in specialists will do the job of erasing personal information for you. If you need help initially, you can double check if this service is provided complimentary with the repair service.

As an added measure of security and to give peace of mind to customers, most repair technicians will outline a privacy policy and terms of use on their website and in the seller’s service contract – where the requirement or guidelines for repair are stated. More often than not, data erasing for security measures is included, and the service provider will advise that all customers back up their information to avoid permanent loss. The photos and other media can furthermore be transferred via a USB cord.